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Acadia Academic All-Canadians

2016-17 Academic All-Canadians
This year's 116 eclipses last year's record of 110 Acadia student-athletes named Academic All-Canadians. Acadia University continues to be ranked first overall per capita in the country for the last three years
Jack Campbell Men's Basketball
Matthew Ingham Men's Basketball
Alexander Thomas Men's Basketball
Gabriel Bagnell Football
Garvin Cius Football
Jackson Clayton Football
Cody Cluett Football
Chad Erisman Football
Oliver Grant Football
Nathan Heide Football
Brandon Jennings Football
Connor Langen Football
Ben Meek Football
Eli Prochnau Football
Ben Roizes Football
Brett Switzer Football
Thomas Troop Football
Landyn Vick Football
Bradley Vince Football
Ben Wallace Football
Andrew Wilson Football
William Wojcik Football
Michael Clarke Men's Hockey
Tyler Ferry Men's Hockey
Samuel Fioretti Men's Hockey
Brandon Glover Men's Hockey
Stephen Harper Men's Hockey
Drew Lawson Men's Hockey
Boston Leier Men's Hockey
Liam Maaskant Men's Hockey
Taylor Makin Men's Hockey
Daniel Pettersson Men's Hockey
Matthew Pufahl Men's Hockey
Geoffrey Schemitsch Men's Hockey
Robert Steeves Men's Hockey
Brett Thompson Men's Hockey
Scott Trask Men's Hockey
John Attenborough Men's Soccer
Spencer Buck Men's Soccer
Corey Cadeau Men's Soccer
Cooper Coats Men's Soccer
Gordon McLaughlin Men's Soccer
Pietro Nottegar Men's Soccer
Ryan Rhodenizer Men's Soccer
Andrew Snyder Men's Soccer
Zachary Visser Men's Soccer
Daniel Whalen Men's Soccer
Michael Wilkinson Men's Soccer
Joel Young Men's Soccer
Michael Adams Men's Swimming
Isaiah Grambo Men's Swimming
Ben Henger Men's Swimming
Brett Liem Men's Swimming
Brendon Vibert Men's Swimming
Alexandra Berry Women's Basketball
Ellen Hatt Women's Basketball
Emily MacLeod Women's Basketball
Haley McDonald Women's Basketball
Lauren Miller Women's Basketball
Chanel Smith Women's Basketball
Sarah Taylor Women's Basketball
Marika Vanden elzen Women's Basketball
Laura Bonga Women's Cross Country
Sara Drisdelle Women's Cross Country
Eileen Haskett Women's Cross Country
Madalyn Higgins Women's Cross Country
Emily Lamb Women's Cross Country
Jenna MacLean Women's Cross Country
Christine Smith Women's Cross Country
Ellen Taggart Women's Cross Country
Rachel Watts Women's Cross Country
Sara Baxter Women's Rugby
Gillian Bergsma Women's Rugby
Kelsey Brumm Women's Rugby
Monique Coffey Women's Rugby
Janice Cougle Women's Rugby
Tamara Dondi Women's Rugby
Skye Forcier Women's Rugby
Courtney Foster Women's Rugby
Angela Govier Women's Rugby
Lauren Humby Women's Rugby
Laura Klingenberg Women's Rugby
Claire Swinamer Women's Rugby
Sarah Visser Women's Rugby
Rachelle Aucoin Women's Soccer
Jenna Boudreau Women's Soccer
Holly Buckler Women's Soccer
Jaqueline Burke Women's Soccer
Sarah Charnock Women's Soccer
Emma Connell Women's Soccer
Candace Conrad Women's Soccer
Meghan Earle Women's Soccer
Madison Kelly Women's Soccer
Gemma Leblanc Women's Soccer
Emily Nickerson Women's Soccer
Kinsella Noseworthy-Smith Women's Soccer
Michelle Pryde Women's Soccer
Kathleen Ross Women's Soccer
Alexandra Scovil Women's Soccer
Jacqueline Stevens Women's Soccer
Brittany Taylor Women's Soccer
Julea Walsh Women's Soccer
Nicole Wambolt Women's Soccer
Aileen Feschuk Women's Swimming
Alison MacEachern Women's Swimming
Kristin MacKinnon Women's Swimming
Alexandra Coffin Women's Track & Field
Jamie Crocket Women's Volleyball
Peyton Dewolfe Women's Volleyball
Kailey Evans Women's Volleyball
Regan Herrington Women's Volleyball
Fiona McGuinty Women's Volleyball
Sarah Ross Women's Volleyball
Micaela Sabean Women's Volleyball
Daniella Trodel Women's Volleyball
2015-16 CIS Academic All-Canadians
This year's 110 eclipses last year's record of 108 Acadia student-athletes named Academic All-Canadians. Acadia University was ranked seventh overall among 56 CIS members and first overall per capita in the country last year.
Vibert Brendan Aquatics
Adams Michael Aquatics
Henger Patrick Aquatics
Bent Jessica Aquatics
Boudreau Kayla Aquatics
Halajian Emily Aquatics
MacEachern Alison Aquatics
Ernest Nicholas Basketball
Larry Rhys Basketball
Miller Lauren Basketball
Taylor Sarah Basketball
Macleod Emily Basketball
Smith Chanel Basketball
Berry Alexandra Basketball
Meek Benjamin Football
Murney Colin Football
Wright Dale Football
Clayton Jackson Football
Conquest Kevin Football
Vince Bradley Football
Wallace Benjamin Football
Wilson Andrew Football
Troop Thomas Football
Lavoie Darcy Football
Rainey Russell Football
Prochnau Elias Football
Semalulu Suleiman Football
Wojcik William Football
Lawson Drew Hockey
Maaskant Liam Hockey
Fioretti Samuel Hockey
Leier Boston Hockey
Pufahl Matthew Hockey
Steeves Robert Hockey
Clarke Michael Hockey
Makin Taylor Hockey
Schemitsch Geoffrey Hockey
Pettersson Daniel Hockey
Anderson Dylan Hockey
Cazzola Michael Hockey
Randell Travis Hockey
Thompson Brett Hockey
Rhodenizer Ryan Soccer
Visser Zachary Soccer
Coats J. Cooper Soccer
Cadeau Corey Soccer
Young Joel Soccer
Wilkinson Michael Soccer
Snyder Andrew Soccer
D'Antuono Dominik Soccer
Noseworthy-Smith Cochrane Soccer
Aucoin Rachelle Soccer
Charnock Sarah Soccer
Scovil Alexandra Soccer
Stevens Jacqueline Soccer
Cunningham Rachel Soccer
LeBlanc Gemma Soccer
Wambolt Nicole Soccer
Connell Emma Soccer
Earle Meghan Soccer
Kelly Madison Soccer
Nickerson Emily Soccer
Ross Katie Soccer/Basketball
Noseworthy-Smith Kinsella Soccer
Pryde Michelle Soccer
Yorston Claire Soccer
Campbell Rebecca Rugby 
Nunn Sabrina Rugby 
Stanhope Toni Rugby 
Baxter Sara Rugby 
Govier Angela Rugby 
Newcombe Kathleen Rugby 
Bergsma Gillian Rugby 
Boudreau Sarah Rugby 
Brumm Kelsey Rugby 
Dondi Tamara Rugby 
Matheson Jennifer Rugby 
Wilson Alexandra Rugby 
Labenski Molly Rugby 
Wilson Kendyl Rugby 
Cougle Janice Rugby 
Silver Natalie Rugby 
Swinamer Claire Rugby 
Herrington Regan Volleyball
Sabean Micaela Volleyball
Evans Kailey Volleyball
McGuinty Fiona Volleyball
Ross Sarah Volleyball
Bulmer Tessa Volleyball
Boudreault Olivia Volleyball
Chin Marissa Volleyball
Prest Jazmin Volleyball
Monette Hillary Volleyball
Haskett Eileen X-Country
Parsons Laura X-Country
Smith Christine X-Country
Trainor Lindsay X-Country
Weagle Rachael X-Country
Coffin Alexandra X-Country
Drisdelle Sara X-Country
Lamb Emily X-Country
McCulloch Hollis X-Country
Tobin Megan T & F
McDonald Sheldon T & F
Mitchell Abigail T & F
Bethune Brianna T & F
Kivell Matthew T & F
Wang Shida T & F
Beaver Noelle T & F
Weaden Devon T & F
This year's 108 eclipses last year's record of 95 Acadia student-athletes named Academic All-Canadians. Acadia University was ranked seventh overall among 56 CIS members and first overall per capita in the country. In 2014-15, a record 3,077 students achieved the prestigious status, eclipsing the previous mark of 2,861 set a year ago. No less than nine CIS member universities – four more than the previous year - had over 100 Academic All-Canadians last year, including Western (145), Alberta (128), Queen’s (125), Laval (110), Calgary (108), Acadia (108), Toronto (104), Waterloo (104) and Manitoba (100). McGill (96) rounded out the national top 10. Acadia was the top university in Canada based on its total number of student-athletes of 286.
Amirault Katherine Rugby
Baxter Sara  Rugby
Beazley Erin Rugby
Bergsma Gillian Rugby
Brumm Kelsey Rugby
Campbell Rachel  Rugby
Fink Victoria  Rugby
Jones Nicola Rugby
Klingenberg Laura Rugby
Little Katelyn Rugby
Lovatt Kristine  Rugby
Newcombe Kathleen  Rugby
Silver Natalie Rugby
Slevinsky Janna  Rugby
White Shannon  Rugby
Wilson Kendyl Rugby
Wisen Danielle  Rugby
Bagnall Paige  Soccer
Blackburn Jenna Soccer
Cadeau Chantelle  Soccer
Connell Emma  Soccer
Conrad Candace  Soccer
Earle Meghan  Soccer
Fairfax Alana  Soccer
Gonyea Aiyana Soccer
Gray Laura  Soccer
Kelly Madison  Soccer
Landry Chantal Soccer
LeBlanc Gemma Soccer
McParland Caoimhe Soccer
Nickerson Emily  Soccer
Pryde Michelle Soccer
Ross Kathleen  Soccer
Silzer Talisa Soccer
Wambolt Nicole  Soccer
Yorston Claire Soccer
Annand Emily X-Country
Coffin Alexandra  X-Country
Drisdelle Sara X-Country
Keays Laura  X-Country
Lamb Emily  X-Country
Lauther Danielle X-Country
MacLean Jenna X-Country
McCulloch Hollis X-Country
Rogers Alexandra  X-Country
Weagle Rachael X-Country
Clayton Jackson Football
Harrison Troy  Football
Hines Dylan  Football
Lavoie Darcy  Football
McDonald Sheldon Football
Prochnau Elias  Football
Rainey Russell  Football
Semalulu Suleiman Football
Stoqua Sean Football
Vreman Anthony Football
Wallace Benjamin Football
Wilson Andrew Football
Wojcik William Football
Cadeau Corey  Soccer
Chamberlain Lucas Soccer
Coats J. Cooper Soccer
McGill Cameron Soccer
Noseworthy-Smith Cochrane Soccer
Snyder Andrew  Soccer
Wilkinson Michael Soccer
Young Joel Soccer
Cazzola Michael Hockey
Clarke Michael  Hockey
Fioretti Samuel Hockey
Gibbons Travis Hockey
Glover Brandon Hockey
Heelis Liam Hockey
Makin Taylor  Hockey
Owens Christopher  Hockey
Randell Travis Hockey
Ridgeway Joel Hockey
Schemitsch Geoffrey  Hockey
Steeves Robert  Hockey
Boudreault Olivia  Volleyball
Bulmer Tessa Volleyball
Chin Marissa Volleyball
Evans Kailey Volleyball
Kalajdzic Katarina Volleyball
Logue-Prest Jazmin  Volleyball
McGuinty Fiona Volleyball
Monette Hillary Anne Volleyball
Ross Sarah Volleyball
De Palma Nicholas  Basketball
Ernest Nicholas  Basketball
Luton Daniel  Basketball
Thomas Alexander  Basketball
Bent Jessica  Swimming
Boudreau Kayla  Swimming
Halajian Emily  Swimming
Pfeiffer Cynthia Swimming
Russell Taylor Swimming
Skuriat Elizabeth Swimming
Adams Michael Swimming
Frazer Thomas Swimming
Smith Chanel  Basketball
Stokes Hannah Basketball
Beaver Noelle T&F
Bethune Brianna  T&F
Cunningham Kelly  T&F
Feindel Katherine T&F
Kivell Matthew T&F
Langley Jodi  T&F
This year's 95 eclipses last year's record of 91 Acadia student-athletes named Academic All-Canadians. Acadia University was ranked seventh overall among 56 CIS members and first overall per capita in the country. Five of the largest CIS member universities had over 100 Academic All-Canadians last year, including Western (140), Alberta (123), Waterloo (120), Laval (115) and Queen’s (111). Rounding out the national top 10 were Toronto (99), Acadia (95), Calgary (91), McGill (90) and UNB (90).

Adams, Michael
Frazer, Thomas
Corkum, Benjamin
Bent, Jessica
MacPherson, Kristen 
Pfeiffer, Cynthia
Skuriat, Elizabeth

Thomas, Alexander
Klassen, Owen

Annand, Emily
Drisdelle, Sara
Fowlie, Jessica
Hyde, Eliza
Keays, Laura
Lamb, Emily
McCulloch, Hollis
Muggah, Elizabeth
Rogers, Alexandra
Kant, Karoline

Begin, Ryan
Guy, Brayden
Lavoie, Darcy  
Maroun, Elie-Joseph
McDonald, Sheldon
Rainey, Russell 
Rajab, Adam  
Renaud, Taylor  
Semalulu, Suleiman
Stoqua, Sean
Wade, Cameron 
Wojcik, William 
Young, James 
Healy, Andrew
Skibin, Zachary
Williams, Evan
Prochnau, Eli

Cunningham, Kelly
Kivell, Matthew
Langley, Jodi
Clory, Kiara
Loughran, Courtney

Bulmer, Tessa
McGuinty, Fiona
Ross, Sarah
Monette, Hillary

Archer, Colin
Cazzola, Michael
Gibbons, Travis
Girman, John
Heelis, William
Makin, Taylor
Randell, Travis
Ridgeway, Joel
Schemitsch, Geoff
Ekelman, Dustin
Gaynor, Joe
Jenner, Leo James
Mosher, Evan

Amirault, Katherine
Bergsma, Gillian
Brumm, Kelsey
Dwyer, Lindsay
Fair, Laura
Jones, Nicola
Labenski, Amelia
Lovatt, Kristine
Wilson, Kendyl
Wisen, Danielle
Boersma, Heather
Chiasson, Emilie
Kelly, Nicole Lynn

Attenborough, John
Cadeau, Corey
Chamberlain, Lucas
Coedy, Liam
Ritchie, Kyle
Snyder, Andrew
Wilkinson, Michael
Young, Joel
Merchant, Erik
Ross ,Eric

Bagnall, Paige
Blackburn, Jenna
Cadeau, Chantelle
Earle, Meghan
Fairfax, Alana
Landry, Chantal
McParland, Caoimhe
Nickerson, Emily
Pryde, Michelle
Ross, Kathleen Betty
Yorston, Claire

Moore, Kristy
Sibo, Rita

2012-2013 Academic All-Canadians
Acadia University's unique status as the Canada's #1 top academic achiever per capita and acheived an 8th overall ranking amongst 54 CIS members.
Men's Swimming   Women's Swimming
Liam  Berrigan   Amanda Loder
Thomas Frazer   Rachael  Martin
Brett  Sonnichsen   Meaghan  McMullen
Peter  Porskamp   Cynthia Pfeiffer
      Elizabeth Skuriat
Men's Basketball   Nelly Chen
Kyle Jennex      
Owen Klassen   Women's Basketball
Thomas Filgiano   Kristy Moore
Sean Stoqua   Lindsay  Harris
Football     Women's Cross Country
Evan Brown   Natalie  D'Entremont
Aaron  King   Karoline Kant
Suleiman Semalulu   Alice Lacaze-Masmonteil
Sean Stoqua   Hilary  Layton
William  Wojcik   Elizabeth Muggah
Tyler Honeywood   Alexandra  Rogers
Cameron  Wade   Emara Churchill
James  Young   Caroline Evans
      Jessica Fowlie
Men's Hockey     Charlotte  Larry
Colin Archer   Hilary  Layton
Michael  Cazzola   Scotia  Mabury
Dustin  Ekelman   Christine Manning
Jolande Gaynor   Jodi  Langley
Travis  Gibbons   Courtney  Loughran
Leo Jenner      
Evan Mosher   Women's Rugby
Travis Randell   Katherine Amirault
Joel Ridgeway   Heather Boersma
Jacob R. Dietrich   Rebecca Carr
      Emilie  Chiasson
Men's Soccer     Victoria  Fink
Lucas Chamberlain   Nicola Jones
Liam Coedy   Nicole  Kelly
Erik Merchant   Molly Labenski
Eric Ross   Kristine Lovatt
Zachary Shaffelburg   Janna  Slevinsky
Andrew  Snyder   Carlee Bryson
Michael Wilkinson   Shelby Russell
Liam  Dutton      
Keegan Ezekiel   Women's Soccer
Hashim Kareemi   Paige  Bagnall
Jeff Khoury   Chantelle Cadeau
James Nunn   Alana  Fairfax
Matthew Nunn   Julia Hunter
      Laura Keays
Women's Volleyball   Chantal Landry
Alyssa Berry   Caoimhe McParland
Marissa Chin   Charlotte Nutt
Pamela Giordani   Michelle  Pryde
Jazmin Logue-Prest   Claire  Yorston
Margaret Rector   Dyana Rayner
Shannon Boldon      
Lauren T Carter      
2011-2012 Academic All-Canadians
Acadia University's unique status as the Canada's top academic achiever per capita, with Acadia boasting 33.5% of its student-athletes as Academic All-Canadians compared to Atlantic Canada's average of 27%.

Katherine Amirault
Reed  Anderson
Paige  Bagnall
Erin Beazley
Alyssa Berry
Jenna  Blackburn
Heather Boersma
Shannon Boldon
Justin Boutilier
Carlee Bryson
Chantelle  Cadeau
Lauren  Carter
Chih-Yun Nelly Chen
Emilie  Chiasson
Elizabeth  Conrod
Benjamin  Corkum
Margaret Curry
Nicole Davidson
Leisha Doyle
Emma  Duinker
Liam Dutton
Dustin  Ekelman
Caroline Evans
Keegan Ezekiel
Alana  Fairfax
Luke Fallwell
Thomas Filgiano
Kirby  Fletcher
Andrew  Frazer
Jolande  Gaynor
Travis  Gibbons
Devlin Gilmour Ford
Pamela Giordani
John  Girman
Allison Godley
Amye-Michelle Harrigan
Lindsay  Harris
Kelly Hennessey
Leo  Jenner
Nicola Jones
Hashim Kareemi
Nicole  Kelly
Owen Klassen
Thomas  Labenski
Jonathan Laberge
Chantal  Landry
Charlotte  Larry
Taylor Lawson
Amanda Lily Loder
Kristine  Lovatt
Christine Manning
Kathleen McIver
Edward McNally
Caoimhe McParland
Erik Merchant
Elizabeth  Muggah
Andrea  Murphy
Alana  Murphy
Leah Murray
James Nunn
Matthew Nunn
Charlotte  Nutt
Peter  Porskamp
Joel Ridgeway
Eric Ross
Zachary Shaffelburg
Rita  Sibo
Martin Sichinga
Lidia Simoes
Elizabeth Skuriat
Janna  Slevinsky
Sean Stoqua
Jacob Thomas
Sara  Thomas
Lydia Van Vilsteren
Shana  Vidito
Cameron  Wade
Remi Winder
James Young
2010-2011 Academic All-Canadians

Canadian Interuniversity Sport proudly announces every year the student-athletes honour as Academic All-Canadians. Every year, a growing number of CIS student-athletes are recognized as Academic All-Canadians, having maintained an average of 80 per cent or better over the academic year while competing for one - or more - of their university’s varsity teams.

Four universities had over 100 CIS Academic All-Canadians last year including Laval (127), Alberta (124), Western Ontario (110) and Queen’s (108). Rounding out the national top 10 were McGill (98), Waterloo (98), Dalhousie (95), Calgary (85), Acadia (85) and Manitoba (80).

Swimming - Men's
Ben Corkum
Taylor Lawson
Peter Porskamp

Basketball - Men's
Justin Boutilier
Thomas Filgiano
Alan Rivers-Bowerman

Conor Cox
Luke Fallwell
Kirby Fletcher
Andrew Frazer
Thomas Labenski
Roy Medeiros
Jake Thomas
Cameron Wade

Hockey - Men's
Philippe Bertrand
Michael Chiasson
Dustin Ekelman
Nick Emanuele
Zach Firlotte
Joe Gaynor
Leo Jenner
James Klie
Zach McMillan
Scott Tregunna
Kris Westblom

Soccer - Men's
Matt Baker
Liam Dutton
Keegan Ezekiel
Devlin Gilmour Ford,
Hashim Kareemi
JF Lefort
James Nunn
Matthew Nunn
Eric Ross
Zach Shaffelburg
James Squier
Devin Tetlow
Shane Thakrar

Swimming - Women's
Nelly Chen
Elizabeth Conrod
Leah Davidson
Amye-Michelle Harrigan
Amanda Loder
Laura Logan-Chesney
Blaire McKim

Basketball - Women's
Erika Berry
Emma Duinker
Kristy Moore
Lydia Van Vilsteren

Cross Country - Women's
Melissa Deal
Courtney Doane
Caroline Evans
Christein Manning
Cassondra McCrory
Hiliary Monteith
Madeline Raymond
Sara Thomas
Jill Yealland

Rugby - Women's
Heather Boersma
Madison Boyd
Carlee Bryson
Emilie Chiasson
Nicole Kelly
Jane McKillop
Maria Robins
Victoria Rombaut
Shana Vidito
Stephanie Wadden
Remi Winder

Soccer - Women's
Cathleen Bleakney
Meghan Burke
Alana Fairfax
Whitney Fisher
Ashley Fry
Elise Hebert
Kelly Hennessey
Erica McAdam
Lauren O'Connor
Raya Puchalski
Dyana Rayner
Sara Reid

Volleyball - Women's
Alyssa Berry
Nicole Davidson
Shawna McFaden